My Thoughts on Part-Time Work

And working with both Boomers and Millennials.

Driving the Southwest Freeway into Downtown Houston

Driving the Southwest Freeway into Downtown Houston

Working as a part-time Audio & Video Technician this past year has allowed me to get my life almost back on track after some very rough recent years. I’ve enjoyed the freedom to work on other projects, to consider and do other interests. All without the typical grind, structure and pace of a 9-5 job. And as a part-timer, getting to work at nearly 15 different locations around Houston, Texas keeps things fresh & dynamic.

Tech Table set-up

Tech Table set-up

Except for one so far, most of my co-workers are younger or much younger than I am. Some by just a few years, others more than 1/2 my age. And you know what ? I’ve enjoyed working with this very diverse group and age range for a few reasons.

#1. Those near my age are very experienced and super helpful in learning a new craft. And we can discuss the things that 50+ year old’s have in common. Share our experiences, the world we grew up in and the importance of family.

#2. Just as important, but way more rewarding. I love working with the ‘youngers’, who’re just getting their lives and careers on track. First time jobs for some. They’re eager and hopeful for the future. This inspires and encourages me. Also, as we learn and work together, I’ve enjoyed being able to encourage them in their work and provide some guidance and perspective in talking about their dreams and futures.

Ballroom & Projection Screens

Ballroom & Projection Screens

So, here is what I see. Boomers & Millennials together are a very powerful force for now and well into the future. It can be a very dynamic and productive work environment.

I appreciate who we all are and who I am working with. Just saying. Thank you for reading and appreciate any comments.

cartoonityvuehouston says WELCOME TO TEXAS !

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