~ Scenes, Links & Info for Houston, Texas & surrounding Gulf-Coast areas ~


Howdy Y’all and Welcome ! ~ Here is my ‘cartoonity’ view of  Houston, Texas & surrounding Gulf-Coast areas. Pictures of new & old, urban & country, concrete & glass, and a big Texas sky.HomePage-Nav.275x365

There’s also LINKS and INFO in left column to what’s up & where, and [PAGES] of some of my favorite things. Watching thoroughbred horses race, soccer/futbol & M.M.A. Sports,  science & high-tech stuff, green-places, ‘old-school’ and then creating engaging, entertaining & educational media.

Pictures were taken with a Kodak 1093IS digital camera from the driver’s side while working as a courier driver, and then put thru a ‘cartoon’ filter. Henceforth the name ‘cartoonityvue’.

Do you have a question, suggestion or ‘not so rude’ comment ?

PLEASE DO Email me at:  cartoonityvue@techie.com

You can save your favorite picture and put it on your desk-top or on your new  i-pad-like screen thingy to keep a cartoonityvue in your sights.

CTV- Howdy -Thanks-for-visiting300x150



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